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tv , Dance Dance Revolution and Dreamworks ! action figure comes along to stir things up. And of course, and The Accidental Skier  (pronounced "Tinsley") are back and still antagonising each other. The Templetons are finally free, as long as they are in the boss' good books. Episode 39 - 'Cats' (28 March 2016) When Noodle gets really fed up of having to care for his pet mouse, he decides to set the mice free, but it looks like he's had the wrong mice! When Mummy Cat, Big Cat and Jack Cat get stuck in the house after the power goes out, the Templetons have to rescue them. Meanwhile, there's an opening for Big Cat's new job as royal police cat of the land. Episode 40 - 'Reindeers' (4 April 2016) When Santa brings Ted a batch of reindeer biscuits which he throws up, they cause a mad stampede, leaving the Templetons wondering how he managed to cause such a mess. And the boys have to help Santa, who's got a Christmas Special to produce. Episode 41 - 'Muffins' (11 April 2016) Ted and Noodle decide to make a movie about their cat and a mouse after they watch a film on the internet. However, when the Templetons make an accidental mouse that is so cute, it becomes a big success, they have to change their plan. Episode 42 - 'Teddy Bears' (18 April 2016) When Teddy Bear comes to live with the Templetons, Tim and his Boss Baby brother start getting mean, but Ted's getting meaner. Mummy Bear helps Teddy to escape to the forest, where he meets the Tiger Sisters, who have been looking for their lost sister. Tim must help them catch the mean Big Boss Bear, or else Teddy will be lost in the forest forever. Episode 43 - 'Fish and Chip' (25 April 2016) Noodle and Ted are excited that a fish and chip shop has opened near their house, but when a new customer comes in, Tim thinks that he is a burglar. After the other customers recognise him, Tim has to help the police to track down the burglar. Episode 44 - 'Dance Dance Revolution' (2 May 2016) Tim, Big Ted and Ted are now working for Dance Dance Revolution and must dance to




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BossBabyEnglish2hindidubbedhdfullmoviedownload [Latest] 2022
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