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ANATS National Conference in the Blue Mountains, 2018

Wow… what an INCREDIBLE weekend. Truly, the ANATS National Conference ‘RESONATE’ was simply the best, and it was held right here in the Blue Mountains! Thank you so, so much to our fabulous keynotes Brian Gill and David Sisco from the USA for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us so generously. I have learnt so much from so many people and I can't wait to start implementing it all into my own studio.

I’m so happy to have been on the conference sub-committee with Shelli, Di, Veronica, Liz,  Belinda and Christina. It’s taken a lot of work over months of planning and I am totally exhausted, but it’s been so worth it. Thank you to Shelli and Di, and all of National Council for the opportunity.

Thank you to my wonderful Vocalocity singers for singing so beautifully at the Welcome Reception and for participating in my own workshop, 'Beyond the studio: the influence of group singing in young lives'.

Thanks again to Brian Gill for working with four of my young students in your masterclass. Your expertise was so very apparent throughout the entire masterclass (not to mention the entire conference!). I am so grateful for your expert advice and was blown away by your positive comments in relation to my own teaching practice, thank you.

Thank you to Trish Doyle MP for coming along to officially open the conference and for speaking about the importance of our vocation - it meant a lot to all of us, thank you Trish. Thank you to the Wagana Aboriginal Dancers for dancing so beautifully at the Welcome Reception, to Martyn Cook Celtic Harp for playing so superbly at the Masquerade Ball, and to Hills PhotoBooth Sydney - Photobooth hire Sydney for helping bring the laughter to the Ball - you were all absolutely perfect for the occasion! Thank you also Jessica and Alkira for their great work in their roles as ambassadors throughout the conference.

Massive congratulations to my Aunty Di (aka Assoc. Prof. Diane Hughes), for her National Certificate of Recognition Award!! I got quite teary as I know how much Di has put in to ANATS over the years and the award is so very well deserved - she’s absolutely earned it!

It’s been so wonderful to catch up with beautiful friends and inspiring colleagues and I’ve loved every minute. Happy 30th Anniversary ANATS!!

To my wonderful colleages - I can't wait to see you all at the next ANATS National Conference in Adelaide in 2020!!

P.s. The Masquerade Ball on Saturday night was EPIC!! Definitely one I’ll always remember with fondness and hilarity!!


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