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Blackheath Choir Festival, 2022

The Vocalocity Leura Vocal Ensemble performed at the 2022 Blackheath Choir Festival on Friday 26th August. It was wonderful to see these young singers come together again after such a long hiatus due to COVID-19. The audience was treated to hearing Callum Cook, Jay Dannatt, Tegan Krempl, Aimee Clifton, Brodie Wylde, Fia Fifield-Smith, Mila Fisher and Alina Caganoff.

We were delighted to be welcomed to the stage by the incomparable Sue Capper, former Head of Music at Katoomba High School (and the fabulous woman who gave Amelia her first ever high school voice teaching position!). Sue had previously taught five of our singers who were on stage that evening as their classroom music teacher - what a lovely reunion!

Vocalocity's performance at the 2022 Blackheath Choir Festival was met with enthusiastic cheers from the audience as well as a few giggles for our signature 'leaning move' in Dolly Parton's Jolene. Thank you to all singers involved and to the audience for their support.

Please enjoy the full performance here:

Photographs by Trish Davies


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